We have feelings, emotions, ideas, energy, imperfection and beauty.

We have a suitcase of clothes and shoes. The right mix of lights and shadows.

The feathers fluttering in an elegant movement.

The surprised look between contrasts, beauty, passion and intensity
Balance, here it is! Then it does exist!

I just have to look for it!

Paillettes everywhere.

ph Chiara Gasbarri


Learn. Think about it. Grow up,
Perhaps one of life’s greatest challenges is creating the perfect balance between all the aspects that exist in your world!
A bit like catching the perfect moment to take a photo.
Balance. You have to move to keep the balance.

We have to experience everything to get to recognize those powers that allow us to move our soul and body in the same direction to avoid falling.

We have a direction!

We go ahead!

ph Chiara Gasbarri

White Petals

In our everyday life, full of impulses, fantasy is among the most used tools to shape our fashion world.
The constant passion for fashion, the search for new inspiration, the powerful link with our work, allow us to capture the extraordinary uniqueness of our wonderful life.

Color your life!

With white petals

ph Chiara Gasbarri

Our emotional world

There is no challenge that you can’t win, if you always have positive thinking.
And so we knew that to revolutionize our lives, persevering small daily actions are needed.
Like appliyng body creams every day.
Like going to the gym every day.
Like always eating healthily.
Like removing our make-up every night.
Like reading a book a week.
Small actions that improve our appearance, and our emotions.
Concept applicable for (to) our working life and our emotional world, the same.


ph Chiara Gasbarri

One little tip

We can’t control what’s happening. So We thought we’d challenge ourselves to control the way we respond to what’s happening.

That’s where our power is:  Velvet Phoebè!


We’re strong! We got it!
We’ll be able to grow day by day!

ph Chiara Gasbarri

We are coming

We’re coming… but where?
I don’t know where we’re going… but we know that it’s a magical place, full of colors, energy, love and beauty.
The highest-quality made in Italy and, above all, colored owls and fashion enthusiasts!
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ph Chiara Gasbarri

A blue dress collection

Bad days are part of the process.
Please, don’t give up.
Go where your heart feels the most alive. Listen, and you’ll hear it calling you. Be aware, and you’ll feel it shine. Your heart knows where to lead you. However, you must learn (how) to take note of it first.
I crave for (after) space. For charging my batteries. It helps me (to) breathe.
Being with people can be so exhausting, because most of them love to take (taking), and barely know how to give – except for a few.
You keep fluttering, anyway, in your blue Velvet dress.

ph Chiara Gasbarri


What are your goals?
Continue to have fun (continue having fun) (keep having fun) and do what I like! (?) Well, as long as it makes sense.
Support the made-in-Italy fashion abroad.
I put the ideas into the dress, you put it on!
Freedom forward is my happiness!