TU Trenches

Scommettiamo sulle donne?  Sempre e comunque!
Con sempre l’impeccabile savoir-faire e Velvet Phoebè ne è la prova!
La storia è incisa nel web, strati di file, immagini e dati che costruiscono tracce visibili della nostra passione, mia e di @howidresstoday
Ora Ci stiamo confrontando sempre più direttamente con la sostenibilità e il digitale.
A breve sul profilo di @velvetphoebeoff si potranno acquistare i capi direttamente, parola di Cinzia Paolini,
è lei l’esperta digita seller del team.
Nel frattempo prima dell’imbrunire, dopo 3 mld di cose fatte, possiamo finalmente presentarvi il #TUTrench il trench per te, che sei bella in ogni dove.
Proveniente direttamente dagli anni ‘80, reinterpretato nell’era della consapevolezza, eccolo on line.
Tutto ció che oggi da forma alla materia dei nostri sogni, vedere le donne che indossano i nostri capi!
Irrompe sulla scena anche La felpa che si intravede.  è la #felpadelcuore! Vi piace?
Regalati @velvetphoebeoff
Te lo diciamo col cuore… ti renderà felice!

Link per l’acqusito!

TUTrench Angela

TUTrench Cinzia

TUTrench Gilda


Angela e Cinzia


Organza hat

The sustainable hat by Velvet Phoebé

These hats are profound and full of magic because they are made with love by Italian artisan hands.
They are in organza and they are made from the waste of @velvetphoebeoff’s production.
We use all that remains after the cut to make desirable objects: From belts to flowers to these hats!
They’re soft coppole that are shaped on the head.

You can wear them however you want! On 11,12 pm… I’d wear them all the time because they’ll never go out of fashion!
A way to be happy today? Buy yourself Velvet’s coppola is good for all heads!
You can find it at @scrapbook_inspirations or request it directly!

Il cappello sostenibile di Velvet Phoebé

Sono cappelli profondi e pieni di magia perchè fatti con amore da mani artigiane italiane.
Sono in organza e sono realizzati dagli scarti della produzione di @velvetphoebeoff
Noi utilizziamo tutto quello che resta dopo il taglio per fare oggetti desiderabili: Dalle cinture ai fiori, fino a questi cappelli!
Sono delle #coppole morbide che si modellano sul capo.

Puoi portarle come vuoi! Sulle 23, sulle 24 … io la porterei sempre perchè non passerà mai di #moda!
Un modo per essere #elice oggi? Compratevi la coppola di Velvet sta bene a tutte le teste!
Potete trovarla al @scrapbook_inspirations oppure richiederla direttamente!


Viva La Velvet Phoebé

From Houston, the best vintage store is really excited to now carry these gorgeous up-cycled men’s blazers for women from their favorite Italian duo @velvetphoebeoff .

Fun, glamorous and impeccable tailoring these sustainable eco-chic jackets are a must have.

Shop these in store now and stay tuned for new and fabulous pieces.

And we are so happy to share with you this wonderful goal!

Welcome Houston on our heart!


You must nourish your body; with the right food and thoughts, but also with the right shoes.
Cook something wonderful. Also speak softly to yourself, as it also affects your health.
Put on sparkling shoes, and then go around the world.
You deserve the best of everything; in your body, in your mind and at your feet.

ph Cinzia Paolini


Fashion your life

If we think about it for a moment, everything can turn into a paradise, it is enough to avoid temporal distortions, that is negativity.

Everything depends on our thinking and on how we set our day.

Let’s make it energetic and generate dreams to be realized.

Let’s make it creative and metropolitan, curious and enterprising, playful and ironic.

We need mental exercise to help us appreciate everything we do today.

Focusing on today, without thinking about anything else.

Then put on this spectacular outfit  of unique and original pieces, and go around the world.

ph Chiara Gasbarri


We all need newness.

But then we are afraid to face it because if on the one hand it is true that our brain works according to positive expectations, on the other one it’s also true that we are afraid of everything  we don’t know.
Studying, experimenting, evolving
Today’s outfit is an experiment!

ph Chiara Gasbarri

Good things take time Just believe in you!

Everything happens for a reason, and this makes the difference in your life compared to the others’.

So take your time to figure out where you’re going and if your thoughts are impacting your life in the right way.

Surely the first rule to be happy is to be positive, and if we are, then we are on the right track, because only good things will happen to us.

Pure Magenta gives off postive thoughts.

ph Chiara Gasbarri

Road trip

So we slowly built new and better micro-habits into our everyday life.

And with small steps we entered a world of beautiful things.
The most beautiful stories always start with a road trip.

Liberate your body, wearing a vinyl-covered-fabric green dress.

ph Chiara Gasbarri


With the desire not to lose sight of each other.

With the desire to meet again every day, allied with the passing of time.

With the desire to explore different worlds, which together are part of the female universe.

With the only flaw that with exploration and research we don’t become rational at all, on the contrary we remain sensitive and romantic.
With the awareness of being able to do everything without fear!

Tulle and silk are our tip of the day!

ph Chiara Gasbarri